SAN FRANCISCO (Thomas Kinkade, 2006)

This work of art portrays San Francisco . The city of San Francisco is in the West coast of the United States, to the North of California. It represents one of the best views of the city. This type of painting focused its attention on urban life. The painter of this image is Thomas Kinkade “Painter of light”. The painter displayed simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his art.

This image shows a golden night in San Francisco, the glow of sunset. The city is not foggy ,in spite of that  its  climate is Mediterranean, that means that  winters are wet and summers are dry . This image represents a  warm summer night, although usually  the nights are cold.  As a consequence of this climate there are many trees in the city. In the background we  can see Alcatraz. It was a  military prison in 1868 and  in 1933 it became a a federal prison until 1963.   In the foreground we can see  Lombard; it is  one of the most famous streets in the world. It was Guinness Record  because it is the most crooked street in the world.  At the bottom right side the San Francisco Bay and the Fisherman Wharf is shown . We can also see that  there are  public transports, for example  the streetcars that  are very useful. The cable cars of San Francisco, with 135 years of service, are  not just a tourist attraction but an icon of the city.

Every street is quirky and the hills are long and steep, this city is made up of different neighborhoods however one of the most visited is Chinatown. Regarding neighborhoods and streets, some of the most wealthy neighborhoods in San Francisco are Nob Hill and Lombard Street. There is where the upper class families and a sector of the young urban population.They have money and beautifull houses, as in the  picture. Another neighborhood is Chinatown, there is where the Chinese people live.San Francisco is known for its high standard of living. Finally, another important street is Castro Street; It  is named after José Castro, a Mexican gobernor of Alta California. The Castro rose to fame as a gay center following the controversial «Summer of Love».

This city has regular structure  with wide fairways and large hills.  The map of the city shows a regular distribution with rectangular blocks and regular intersection.This is easy for the division of the city,however It has the disadvantage of poor visibility for traffic on the intersections.Also the streets have high slope of the topography is rugged. The buildings that we can appreciate in the foreground of the  picture  are from rich people with good cars. In the background we can see more modest buildings, among them we can see skyscrapers and usual buildings like office or apartments. In the Fisherman Wharf there are many restaurants with different types of fish.

Regarding with the economy is based in the high technology and entrepreneurship continue to be a key part of the economy of this city.To conclude San Francisco is a city dedicated to tourism with a great economical activity.

Marta Porras Almodóvar