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  1. Blog muy interesante y con una estructura y composición muy elegante. Lo leeré entero más adelante, cuando tenga más tiempo para disfrutarlo. Suerte con su desarrollo seguro que valdrá la pena el esfuerzo realizado.

  2. La página es muy interesante y útil para la didáctica de la geografía urbana. Como malagueño quiero aportar una referencia al plano urbano de mi ciudad, elaborado por Joseph Carrión de Mula en el siglo XVIII.
    A través de Google he conseguido una ilustración de mala calidad en este enlace
    De todas formas, si están interesados en el plano, el Museo de Patrimonio Municipal de la ciudad probablemente puede conseguirles algo útil para su página.
    Enhorabuena por la web una vez más. Un saludo

  3. En el analysis del dibujo de la ciudad de Valencia por Wyngaerde los comentarios de Sonia Barragan Moreno me parece erroneos en dos casos:
    – el rio Turia tenia en tiempo de Wyngaaerde (y tiene todavia hoy) un regimen hidraulica muy irregular, y a veces resultaba seco en verano (a causa de las tomas de agua de las acequias de regadio de la Huerta, aguas arriba de la ciudad): por eso no era navegable y no podia estar un «acceso de Valencia al mar», ni «facilitar las transacciones comerciales». Basta con mirar de cerca el cauce del rio tal como lo dibujo Wyngaerde, y ver el tamaño del rio que circunda las murallas. El puerto de Valencia (el Grao) era un fundeadero frente a una playa.
    – la calle recta que atraviesa la ciudad de norte a sur es una invencion del pintor: no existia asi en su tiempo; basta con mirar a los planes que existen posteriormente (hoy este eje recto existe solamente por su midad sur: es la calle de San Vicente.

  4. I found this web site very interesting because we can observe the over time in a city and analyze how was the lifestyle of that time as its buildings, its organization and It may be useful to compare and contrast with other ones. It is a very visual study method that favors students and can be great support for teachers in their classrooms.

  5. Nice structure of the blog! I am sure that this blog could be very useful for us to share and comment historical events and maps.
    Personally, I like the Google Map window where we can locate the exact point of the region that is shown in the map and the variety of topics of this maps.
    I hope It continues growing with more maps and historical events!

  6. It seems to me an interesting wed page about geography and about cities, almost if you want to know more about your own city, in my case Guadalajara. It is also an original project in which all students of a same curse put in common all work together in a blog.
    To sum up I like it and I recommend it to my friends.

  7. In this page we can observe a great clarity on the content and a good distribution d every part. The page is very interesting to be able of cities in which you have not been , and extend the knowledge of that if you have been it is like to travel in the time without moving of your house.

  8. It is a really interesting blog, in which we can travel around important cities and visit their historical and artistic monuments. Some of this have been conserved over the years but others haven´t survived wars, age, industry, economical development and others historical factors. In the same way, it is important to know the History of different cities because in many cases it has influenced in their actual distribution; and this blog is a good way to know them. Congratulations!

  9. I have observed all aspects of the blog and I have found it very useful because of its structure that allows easy access to all his components.
    In addition, all phots of the cities have a clear explanation of parts so that you understand the contents.

  10. Based on my experience, I believe that this blog is a wonderful idea. Firstly, I want to point out the simple but elegance design. This makes to the visitor so attractive, but at the same time it is really easy to find whatever we want to consult. That is so important because there are a lot of people that are not much familiar with technology. Secondly, I tend to think that a space in which we can share materials and any other kind of resources it marvelous because learning process is always better in a cooperative way. Also, the security that produces me to know that the pages and the exercise that are correct and reliable, it is indescribable. At the same time, the possibility of reading and take as a model other classmate exercise it make less complicated to elaborate your own urban description. Lastly, I want to congratulate to the big team that day by day are working hard to give us the scaffolding to continuo learning and for makes us participate in it.

  11. this blog is really exciting! we can learn many interesting things about lots of places! I also think that we can be inspired on this blog in order to do our homework because it shows some links where we can find information. You must have been working a lot on it, so congratulations for your work!!

  12. From my point of view It seems an interesting blog where you can find different themes on geography and cases such as: the history of cities, maps, monuments…
    This way will help us better understand the subject and make it more entertaining.

  13. Me encanta este blog. Tiene artículos muy interesantes analizando la evolución histórica de diversas ciudades.
    Ya he leído más de la mitad, espero que vayan ampliando el índice de ciudades.
    Un saludo

  14. In this blog, we can observe a lot of information related with the cities. We can see different pictures about cities, and add information about this in each one.
    From my point of view, this blog is a good way to know the structure and morphology of the city, and to know how the cities were in a pass time.
    It’s a great idea for the students and very usefull!

  15. I really like this blog! I think it’s very interesting because there are a lot of information related to the evolution of the cities and some curious data about that. In adittion, the structure of the blog it’s very useful because we can find the information very fast. It seems to be elaborated!

  16. I found very interesting this page, because the pictures are very well explained, and they not only have a text that explained the information, also on the same image there are comments about it and you can see them more directly. This website is very useful for people who are studying history or art.

  17. Personally, I think this blog is very original because of the topic, It’s very hard to find this kind of information on the web, and here it’s all the data joined in a very visual form. I’m very interested in urbanization and I think this blog is very useful.
    Regarding the presentation, I would say that the strong point of this work are the pictures of the cities and their descriptions which are very interesting.
    Also I really like the way it all is designed and organized. The result is very attractive for the visitors and help us to undestand better the history of the cities.
    Honestly, I have never seen one like this, and I must say that i’m amazed because of the fact that all the descriptions are work done from other students. I hope this work continue growing because it’s quite well done.

  18. I would like to say that it is a very good work. I was surprised when I saw this blog due to I have never seen another one like that one. In this blog I have discovered the historical development of some cities where I would like to go or cities which I had already visited.
    Moreover, it is very attractive and very good organized and it must be a fantastic tool to learn more about different cities all over the world.
    From my point of view, this is a wonderful work with these extraordinary paintings, these amazing descriptions and this daily dedication and teamwork to improve it.

  19. After see the blog I am sure that it is going to help us in the development of the class. The structures are very complete and very simple so it easy finds everything you want. But the best is the map where you can find places all over the world. I like it, Congratulations!!

  20. It is a nice work. I was surprised when I saw this blog because I have never seen anything like this. I have discovered the development of some cities which I would like to visit like Rome, or some cities that I diden´t know like Sitges.
    I think thtt the best part of the blog is the presentation of the pictures, it is vey good and it is also easy to understand due to the text squares you can see in each picture explaning its main caracters.
    It is a very good job, and I am sure it is not an easy job, because you have to look for a lot of information and summarize it, congratulations and good luck in the future.

  21. I like very much the web site. It’s a practical site to know the most important places in each town. It’s a project so practical and interesting. The variety of pictures and the difference between centuries are both a great idea. Fot people who want to travel it is very helpful and useful. And to know the places more important and interesnting to visit. Congratulations for the work!!

  22. Soy una persona de 73 años que vengo investigando la ciudad de Barcelona en la que naci, ello me llevo a realizar la web dedicada a ella. por casualidad el otro día visite su página y me gusto la cantidad de información y desarrollo de su trabajo.
    Me gustaría en primer lugar felicitarles por la labor y en segundo lugar si es posible por publicar en mi web, tres mapas que salen en las páginas relacionadas con Barcelona.
    Gracias por la labor de información que desarrollan

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